b'Specialty filmsLidding FilmsLidding films are designed to run on all types of tray-lid machines for packag-ing sliced and diced tomatoes, fresh vegetables, prepared meats and entrees, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese, butter and margarine, sauces, pasta and much more. Available in peelable and non-peelable.Flow Wrap FilmsFlow wrap films are used on horizontal flow wrap equipment to produce tamper-evident packages with a fin seal and crimped ends.Vacuum PouchesVacuum pouches are commonly used to protect foods such as meats and cheese in a vacuum sealed environment as well as a modified atmosphere. Vacuum pouches can also be used to protect chemicals from moisture or to prevent odors from entering or escaping the pouch.Electronics firms use vacuum pouches to protect sensitive components from static electricity as well as dust and airborne particles.Thermoforming FilmsForming and non-forming films are designed for todays demanding food packaging requirements. They have excellent formability, outstanding gloss and clarity, create strong seals and are available in both high and standard barriers. Films provide superior packaging integrity along with optimal characteristics for packaging fresh and frozen foods.Stand Up PouchesBRAND BRANDStand up pouches with resealable zippers are excellent for merchandisingDELICIOUS GOODNESS P U T E C L C DELICIOUS GOODNESS Q V UM PU VXLU GUSSS O ANCO PRAES EE AQCM.OU P NISMHV AAAASXLUEILMGL TAPIDDTOERCL TOATNCIOTGINRUOICAREIQRAESENTE, EAPIDBDTO I B RETNTDIIGUTRNOIMURIAE M NT VULIPSUUU.ES S,SE BIBENDUMASSSM ASREAQCM.OUPINSMHV AASEAAUILMLISPU.U IPIUASVUISSS ASRVISVIUERand viewing products need a high barrier. I LL ER MFilm TypesPolypropylene Polyester Polyethylene PVC Barrier Foil'