b'Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717n631-667-2320nFax 631-667-1602nwww.arjaycompany.comHIGH-SPEED BAGGING SYSTEMSTabletop UnitsPS 125 PaceSetter TM PS 125with PrinterTypical Applications Mail order fulfillment DVDs, CDs, Books Nutraceuticals/Pharmaceuticals Spare parts distribution Cosmetics and beauty aids Short-run production with frequent changeovers in any marketFree Standing UnitsAutobag 800S Autobag 600Automatic Bagging & Printing System Optimized Flexibility eCommerce Fulfillment Short Run Build On-Demand OperationsPoly BagsHigh-Volume SidePouch TMBag SystemHR ISP1 High Productivity Solutions Industrial Medical FulfillmentStand Up Pouches50'