23 Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717 n 631-667-2320 n Fax 631-667-1602 n www.arjaycompany.com VOID FILL Equipment CUSHIONING SYSTEM BIODEGRADABLE • RECYCLABLE • RENEWABLE pADpAK® is paper, delivered in roll form and converted to PADPAK® cushioning and void-Fill Material. It wraps, pads, and protects just about every type of shippable product, even those which are easily breakable, are sensitive to foreign particle invasion, or are heavy and/or bulky. pADpAK® is so effective that your shipping materials are often reduced by as much as 25%, resulting in time and cost savings. TT Fill Pak Full Size JR Standard Auto Pad with Packing Table ® Product Specifications TT 15” x 1660’ 1 ply 65 bx/pallet void Fill call for Demo & cost Analysis Fp 30” x 1660’ 1 ply 30 bx/pallet void Fill Jr 27” x 450’ 3 ply 25 rl/pallet cushion/void Fill standard 30” x 900’ 2 ply 16 rl/pallet void Fill standard 30” x 450’ 3 ply 25 rl/pallet cushion/void Fill