b'Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717n631-667-2320nFax 631-667-1602nwww.arjaycompany.comInstapak Quick Foam PackagingInnovative, Convenient Packaging With A Low Start Up CostInstapak Quick Packaging:VOID FILLProtective Foam Cushions in an InstantInstapak Quick foam-in-bag packaging is perfect for small to mid-size companies looking for the superior cushioning proper-ties of Instapak foam without a large up-front investment.Easy To UseRoom Temperature - No Heater RequiredInstapak Quick RT Bulk - Min 2 CartonsOrder Number Size Quantity Price / BagIQBLKRT-10 15 x 18 180/carton $2.50IQBLKRT-20 18 x 18 128/carton $3.00IQBLKRT-40 18 x 24 112/carton $4.00IQBLKRT-60* 18 x 24 104/carton $4.501. Remove the bag from the2. Apply pressure to the PressIQBLKRT-80 20 x 30 72/carton $5.00Instapak Quick warmer, unfoldHere area on the lower leftIQBLKRT-100 25 x 27 72/carton $5.60it and lay it on a flat surface. side of the bag to open the*Contains 25% more foam than the IQBLKRT-40inside seal.Instapak Quick RTOrder Number Size Quantity Price / BagIQHRT00-10 15" x 18" 36/carton $4.00IQHRT00-20 18" x 18" 36/carton $5.00IQHRT00-40 18" x 24" 36/carton $6.00IQHRT00-60* 18" x 24" 36/carton $6.50IQHRT00-80 22" x 27" 24/carton $7.00IQHRT00-100 25" x 27" 24/carton $8.00*Contains 25% more foam than the IQHRT00-403. Pat part A and part B back4. Place the expanding foam-and forth and the bag will begin tofilled bag in the shipping carton expand. and nestle the product onto the cushion.5. Place a second expanding6. The Instapak Quick bag foam-filled bag on top of the prod- expands around the product uct and close the carton flaps. and against the carton to form a top cushion.29'