b'Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717n631-667-2320nFax 631-667-1602nwww.arjaycompany.comBubble WrapVOID FILLBubble Wrap Ready-to-RollBubble WrapCold Seal AirCap Air Cellular Dipenser Cartons General Purpose Air Cellular Cushioning Cohesive-Coated CushioningSmall (3/16) air cellular cushioning material with a Ideal for use in mailrooms or small shipping areas. Addresses the needs for: cohesive coating. Self-dispensing and easy-tear convenienceLight to medium weight, less-fragile productsSticks to itself, not to the product Available in 12 or 24 widthsShort or predictable distribution cyclesApplies easily Standard Small (3/16) and Medium (5/16) bubbleProducts requiring surface protection, Saves labor by reducing handlinginterleaving, cushioning and void fillEliminates tapeTempShieldby ReflectixEasy-to-Use Thermal Insulating Materials That ProvideHigh-Efficiency Performance for a wide-Range of Packaging ApplicationsProven ApplicationsTempShield Reflective Laminates Perishable ProductsFor extended protection of extremely perishable products, dry ice and or other refrigerants can be placed intto the package without damage to the liner.A lightweight, easy to use thermal insulatingAB Box Linermaterial that protects products from dramatic fluctuations in temperature. Two custom die cut pieces turn your ordinaryTough and durable cardboard box into a lightweight cooler for shippingStops heat transfer perishable items.Medical FDA aproved materials PharmaceuticalsThermal Pallet CoversPallet Covers can be used for the transportBiotechnologyof food and pharmaceutical productsthat are sensitive to changesin temperature.Animal Health Scientific/IndustrialPop-up CoolerInnovative yet quick and easy to set up.Special Freight Applications31'