b'shrink filmsHigh Speed Films Multi-Purpose Filmn Designed to run at speeds n Great for uniformed-sized,up to 200 ppm lightweight productsn Unparalleled clarity n Longer rolls mean fewern Provides the strongest lap changeovers, less downtimeseal available n Superior optics forunsurpassed shelf appeal Soft Shrink Film High-Abuse Filmn Perfect for softer items like n Strongest impact strengthprinted paper goods available - ideal for heavy,n Super low shrink force odd-shaped productsprevents distortion n Can replace bulkiern Runs on a wide variety of packaging materialsequipment n Can be used as primaryshipping mediaMulti-Purpose Film Shrink Packagingn Most versatile film on the n Cost effective solutionmarketn Perfect for multi-packs andirregularly-shaped itemsn Superior abuse resistance Consultative Services Equipment Systems Supportn Package concept n Feasibility studies ofdevelopment proposed equipmentn Film selection assistance n Custom-built shrinkn Packaging line audits and packaging systemseconomic analysis n Equipment installation,training and ongoingtechnical support'