PALLET RACKS 43 Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717 n 631-667-2320 n Fax 631-667-1602 n n One Source for Industrial Steel Shelving and Warehouse Rack n Quick Ship Program n 100% USA Made BEAM LENGTH: SHELF LENGTH EQUALS THE DISTANCE BETWEEN UPRIGHTS. IT IS DETERMINED BY ADDING THE WIDTHS OF PALLET LOADS PLUS A 5” SIDE CLEARANCE BETWEEN UPRIGHT AND PALLET AND 6” BETWEEN PALLET LOADS. SHELF BEAM CAPACITIES ARE BASED ON A PAIR OF BEAMS SUPPORTING AN EVENLY DISTRIBUTED LOAD. RACK HEIGHT: ADD THE FOLLOWING FIGURES: HEIGHT OF PALLET LOADS (INCLUDING PALLET) + HEIGHT OF SHELF BEAM + 4” MINIMUM VERTICAL CLEARANCE FOR EACH PALLET LOAD SUM OF ABOVE DIMENSIONS = RACK HEIGHT FOR UPPERMOST LOAD LEVEL, LOCATION OF SHELF BEAM SHOULD BE 6” LESS THAN FORK TRUCK’S MAXIMUM LIFT HEIGHT. TOP OF BEAMS NEED TO BE AT 2” INCREMENTS. HOW TO ORDER Single Rib Column Design Tapered Keyhole Slots Return bends on all open-back design frame members Interchangeable product design One-piece tube seamed step beams High strength tapered studs on beam connector plates Integral beam connector safety locks Quick & Easy Assembly Powder coat baked finish Full range of capacities and sizes from hand-loaded bulk rack to your heaviest applications Stock rack for immediate requirements