Tapes 15 Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717 n 631-667-2320 n Fax 631-667-1602 n www.arjaycompany.com Sealing cartons using a carton sealer is faster, provides a better result and is more economical. Using a carton sealer also ensures ergonomically correct working conditions. Carton sealers are designed for a variety of different tasks and needs: uniform or random carton sizes, wide or narrow tape, top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap folding, etc. Integrate with auxilary equipment such as packing tables and carton erectors. Carton sealers may be used as part of individual packaging stations or as part of a fully automatic packaging line. Tape Dispensers Carton Sealers & Systems Label Protection 4” - $28.00 6” - $34.00 Cello $16.00 Bag Sealing $29.00 Hand Held 2” - $14.00 3” - $24.00 Filament/Strapping $24.00 Certified ServiceTechnicians On Staff