29 Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717 n 631-667-2320 n Fax 631-667-1602 n www.arjaycompany.com VOID FILL Sizes Suggested Uses Small Surface protection and/or interleaving Large Cushioning and/or void fill for lightrweight, less fragile products BubbleWrap® Ideal for use in mailrooms or small shipping areas. • Self-dispensing and easy-tear convenience • Available in 12” or 24” widths • Standard Small (3/16”) and Medium (5/16”) bubble Bubble Wrap® Ready-to-Roll® Air Cellular Dipenser Cartons Addresses the needs for: • Light to medium weight, less-fragile products • Short or predictable distribution cycles • Products requiring surface protection, interleaving, cushioning and void fill Bubble Wrap® General Purpose Air Cellular Cushioning Small (3/16”) air cellular cushioning material with a cohesive coating. • Sticks to itself, not to the product • Applies easily • Saves labor by reducing handling • Eliminates tape Cold Seal AirCap® Cohesive-Coated Cushioning AirCap® or Bubble Wrap® brands with an adhesive coating. • Provides lightweight cushioning/surface protection • Adheres to a variety of clean surfaces • Saves labor and material costs • Available in a variety of barrier Bubble® heights Bubble Mask® Ready-to-Roll® Adhesive-Coated cushioning A lightweight, easy to use thermal insulating material that protects products from dramatic fluctuations in temperature. • Tough and durable • Stops heat transfer • FDA aproved materials TempShield™ Reflective Laminates Selecting The Right Barrier Bubble® Cushioning Material AirCap® High Performance Air Cellular Cushioning For either heavy, fragile and/or valuable products with long or unpredictable distribution cycles. Bubble Wrap® General Purpose Air Cellular Cushioning For light to medium weight, semi-rugged products with short, predictable distribution cycles. Bubble Wrap® Lite Air Cellular Cushioning For lightweight, less fragile products with short, predictable distribution cycles. 3/16” 1/2”