25 Arjay Company 171 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717 n 631-667-2320 n Fax 631-667-1602 n www.arjaycompany.com VOID FILL Void Fill Systems Express Void Fill AirPouch® Express 3 Void-Fill System - Improves packing productivity and lowers shipping costs n Provides easy to use air pillows on demand for fast, easy packing in either semi-automatic or automatic modes. n Compact, benchtop system produces air pillow bags at speeds over 50 feet per minute. n EZ-Tear perforations offer easier pillow handling and separation. Fast Wrap AirPouch® FastWrap™ Protective Packaging System - Flexible, convenient and easy-to-use protective packaging on demand n Produces air-filled bubbles and tubes used for protective packing. n Compact, all-electric system that is easy to set-up and simple to operate. n Materials feed from a high-yield box. n EZ-Tear™ perforations for easier separation and less product waste. Integrated Systems Integrated Systems - System accessories that improve productivity n Machine stand, hoppers and dispensers enhance versatility for optimum packaging productivity. n Sensors monitor hopper level for fully automatic operations. Overhead Hopper Systems Overhead Hopper Systems - High productivity solutions for high volume packing n Supplies multi-station packing operations for high volume distribution facilities. ® ® AirPouch® FastWrap™ Product Specifications Size Footage 4” x 8” 4000’ PILLOW Call for Demo & Cost Analysis Available in: Clear, Green Biodegradable and Recycled 8” x 8” 4000’ PILLOW 8” x 12” 4000’ PILLOW Product Specifications Size Footage FW 202-12” 1750’ BUBBLE Call for Demo & Cost Analysis Available in: Clear, Green Biodegradable and Recycled FW 302-24” 1300’ BUBBLE FW 102-12" 1750’ TUBE