Paper & Reinforced Tape

• Sealing lightweight cartons.
• Sealing regular slotted containers, full overlap, telescope and other cartons.

Pressure Sensitive Carton Tape

Production— Reliable performance in standard manual or automated carton sealing applications

Premium— Recommended for large, bulky or heavy content cartons: manual or automated applications in moderate to severe handling environments

Ultra— Extremely tough construction for the most demanding manual and automated packaging applications: excellent quick grab with holding power for high stress handling conditions.

Industrial Tape

Flatback Tapes— Designed for a variety of packaging, splicing and tabbing applications

Masking Tapes— Designed for economy and performance in a variety of applications

Filament/MOPP Tape

• A fiberglass reinforced product that delivers superior adhesion for a variety of light to medium load applications.
• MOPP Strapping Tape is a mono-oriented “tensilized” polypropylene tape for light duty strapping, palleting and bundling.