Arjay offers both hand and machine stretch films in an array of thicknesses, widths, lengths and colors.

Handwrap Films
Handwrap is available in a wide array of sizes and gauges, in both conventional and high performance formulations.

Conventional Films
Extremely versatile for the most demanding applications. Conventional machine films provide an excellent unitization for pallets of any size and configuration.

High-Performance Films
Developed to withstand the high demands required for prestretch applications, performance films have higher elongation percentages and superior load retention compared to conventional films. Improved load integrity and cost efficiency combine to provide unparalleled performance, consistently - pallet after pallet. Utilizing the latest advances in plastic resin technology, allowing film to stretch to tremendous lengths without breaking. Film remains strong when stretched and exerts a squeezing force against the load.

Lantech Q-300XT Stretch Wrapper